SouthernLINC Wireless

The network you trust has gone mission critical.

Introducing the CriticalLinc LTE network.

We've built redundant network data centers in Birmingham and Atlanta with backup power systems in each location.

Each cell site has an emergency generator or backup fuel cell to keep the power running for days during an outage.

We secured the CriticalLinc network in lockstep with Southern Company's multilayer, 24/7 IT security systems.

Mission Critical Push To Talk (MCPTT)

Don't sweat, CriticalLinc brings the mission critical PTT performance you trust. We've also added robust new Push To Talk features, so you can keep your team coordinated.

  • Priority Talk Group Scanning
  • Enterprise PTT Groups and PTT Contacts
  • Call Priority and Preemption

Regional and Nationwide High-Speed Data and Voice Services

Southern Linc Wireless offers a variety of voice and data services, including Linc PTT, cell, messaging and wifi speed. Within our CriticalLinc Service Area that spans Alabama, Georgia, northwest Florida and southeast Mississippi, our customers communicate on our highly-reliable 4G LTE Advanced network.

Phones from SONIM

Mission critical situations demand smart communication, connectivity, and flat-out ruggedness. SONIM phones stand out when all other devices fail. The XP8 and XP5s are the toughest, most reliable phones that money can buy. Their performance in punishing environments earned them their spot in the CriticalLinc LTE lineup.

Solid Company

Southern Linc is a wireless communications network backed by the strength and reliability of Southern Company - the parent company of four electric utilities in the Southeast: Alabama Power, Georgia Power, Gulf Power and Mississippi Power, which are also Southern Linc customers. In addition, the company provides reliable wireless communications services to a wide range of businesses and consumers within our 127,000 square-mile coverage area that includes Alabama, Georgia, southeastern Mississippi, and the Florida Panhandle.